PSA Shoot with Michael Jenike, M.D. in New York City with TYG Entertainment/Manhattan Center Studios:  Photo Credit:  Patrick W. Murphy 

PSA Shoot with Michael Jenike, M.D. in New York City with TYG Entertainment/Manhattan Center Studios:  Photo Credit:  Patrick W. Murphy 

Many CEOs are worried about their corporate public image. So what are the right moves to make? For starters, a state-of-the-art, professional website is a must. These days, however, nearly every company employs an IT expert, so even a good website is par for the course. The one thing that is sure to distinguish a company from its rivals is a great corporate video.

Corporate videos have taken on fresh significance in the Internet era. There is no excuse for bad quality even if the company producing the video is a shoestring start-up. Maybe the company is past that stage and poised to go public, or is already public and eager to get greater exposure. Regardless, a corporate video, done right, can work wonders in taking things to the next level by telling a company’s story effectively and entertainingly.

The corporate video is no longer just a “good to have.” With YouTube now the second-largest search engine after Google according to, it’s unsurprising that a strong YouTube presence has become a “got to have”—and an integral part of most corporate marketing strategies.

In today’s technological age, where attention spans are getting shorter, having a powerful corporate video that tells a company’s story for the right audiences in the right way has never been more crucial. YouTube is a great forum for cost-effective promotion for companies of any size. We know how important this kind of presence is—on YouTube, on the company’s website or elsewhere on the web.

There are questions the company needs to answer before starting. What messages need to be conveyed? Who is the audience? How long should the video be? How will it be presented? If the video will be shown at an annual meeting or fundraiser, the company has more freedom to make it longer because the audience is captive. Sometimes the amount of content necessitates a longer video. Also, complex subject matter might take longer to explain. Regardless of a company’s size or corporate video goals, professional guidance should always be sought to get the best result.

What does a company need to do to ensure that its videos stand out? For starters, it should be consistent with all its other branding strategies, while creating powerful, personal messages that convert viewers into clients and customers—or even investors. The script is definitely a major factor. This is also certain: the more professional the end product, meaning the higher its production values, the more well-received a company’s messages will be. To that end, companies should always leave the heavy lifting to the professionals.

This is precisely where an accomplished facility with a long track record of state-of-the-art video and audio production enters the mix.  Have they been the facility of choice for companies ranging from startups to multinational corporations with a new product, service or leadership announcement? Does their studio team have substantial experience in working with their corporate clients’ creative team to make sure that the production values are both appealing and YouTube-worthy? If the answers are yes, the company can be reasonably confident that it has landed in the right facility

PSA Shoot with Susan Dailey in New York City with TYG Entertainment/Manhattan Center Studios:  Photo Credit:  Patrick W. Murphy 

PSA Shoot with Susan Dailey in New York City with TYG Entertainment/Manhattan Center Studios:  Photo Credit:  Patrick W. Murphy 

One more consideration: companies should look at the equipment at the disposal of the video production facility they are considering. If the facility hosts multiple video recording facilities, and multiple audio and video editing suites—all with technology and staffing to satisfy the most demanding clientele—then they are better equipped to assist everyone from startups to multinational corporations with their videos. A facility such as those described above is genuinely in the business of turning a client’s vision into reality.

To have a great corporate video, companies have to know what they’re doing, not only creatively but also technically. Many CEOs don’t fully realize this until it’s too late. That’s why the right facilities, services and experienced personnel are needed to make sure a corporate video is exactly right. One can have the best press release in the world, but nothing draws investors and other stakeholders in more effectively than a corporate video that tells a company’s story well in a matter of minutes.

About the Author: OBie O’Brien is Director of Audio & Video Production at Manhattan Center Productions. She can be reached at

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