The very first film score in cinematic history-for Warner Brothers' Don Juan, starring John Barrymore and Mary Astor-was recorded in The Grand Ballroom in 1926, using then-new Vitaphone technology to capture the sound of the 107 musicians of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra. Then and now, the superb acoustics of the Grand Ballroom have made this magnificent venue perfect for music recording, whether the project is a full-blown orchestral film score, a live concert or other album recording, including those of Broadway shows.

The natural reverberation of the room produces a particular sound quality that defies emulation.Academy Award-winning film scores and Oscar-nominated soundtracks are frequently recorded in the Grand Ballroom. Since the mid-1990s alone, the film scores recorded or mixed at the Manhattan Center have included those for Interview with a Vampire, Fargo, Batman Forever, The Red Violin, You've Got Mail, Everything Is Illuminated, TinTin, Frida (for which its composer, Elliot Goldenthal, won an Oscar), Across the Universe and dozens more.

This room has seen the birth of countless one-of-a-kind performances, including film scores, classical recordings, broadcasts and telethons. 

Grand Reopening of Studio 7- June 2017! 

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•             Lawo mc²56 (80 fader) Console

•             6 - Millennia HV-3R 8 - Microphone Preamp (48 channels)

•             64 - Digital Audio Denmark A-D converters

•             ATC SCM110 (LCR) audio monitors

•             Yamaha CL5 (Headphone MIxer)

•             Pro Tools 12

•             UAD octo w/ UAD 2 Ultimate Bundle

•             50 DT252 Single muff headphone

•             25 DT250 Double muff headphone