Studio 7

Built on the same philosophy of drawing together the strengths of both digital and analog technology, Studio 7 houses a unique custom-modified (from two consoles by our own extraordinary engineers) Neve VR 96-channel console recording to 5.1 surround on a Pro Tools HD Accel system, or to any of a variety of digital or analog multitrack tape formats. Wired to record or mix sound from both the stunning acoustic of The Grand and the adrenaline generating excitement of The Hammerstein, Studio 7 has been the location of countless one-of-a-kind performances, Grammy winning classical recordings and film scores, broadcasts, and televised events.

Connected to both The Hammerstein and The Grand, Studio 7's Control Room has recorded countless one-of-a-kind performances, historic classical recordings, film scores, broadcast, and Tony Award-winning Broadway cast albums.